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White Hat UX.
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About the Authors

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Trine Falbe

Trine has a passion for UX and has been involved in projects, teaching and research within UX. UX is a key issue for her and not to be taken lightly. Trine’s knack for organising and structure is combined with the joy of developing new systems that make users happy. She is working on international UX projects and specialises in design for children. She is also a keynote speaker at conferences and UX advisor in strategic projects.

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Kim Andersen

After training at an international advertising agency, Kim quickly left print media for digital design. Due to his amazing memory he always leaves design meetings with an empty notebook, only to attend the following meeting armed with drawings where nothing has been forgotten and everything is drawn to great detail. He has been a partner in the digital design agency Mindlab for years, where he can be hired to do design tasks, preferably the most difficult and complex ones where the brain is working overtime.

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Martin Michael Frederiksen

As a serial entrepreneur since the very first browser, Martin was born with a practical appreciation for the crossroads between business and digital development. He has published the books Cross Channel and the CEO’s Guide to IT Projects That Cannot Fail. He works as an independent consultant for businesses that need a devil’s advocate when trying out new strategies and ideas.

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